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|Storing Vintage Clothing|


Keep your vintage clothing in a dry, dust free place, away from direct sunlight to prevent damage to the fabric. Use padded or wooden hangers only! Wire hangers can cause damage to delicate fabrics. Always fold, knits, or silks, or beaded/embellished garments and where possible fold between sheets of tissue paper. Do not store in plastic bags or plastic storage boxes as the fabric needs to breathe.


|Washing Vintage Clothing|


Always read the care label and follow washing instructions when available.

If in doubt, hand wash garments especially pre-1960s pieces. Sometimes a good airing can remove odor on those fragile pieces instead of washing them.


|Dry cleaning|


Dry clean all embellished and beaded fabrics along with silk, wool and velvet. Ask your dry cleaning specialist for advice. Never use a tumble dryer to dry clothes, place on a rack instead.


Please note these are just guidelines for you to refer to, always follow your instinct!

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